A Place to Call Home

by Joe Prior

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Album cover art by Fabian Rensch: fabianrensch.deviantart.com

Eterna City Instrumental Cover coming soon to Youtube.


released May 1, 2017

Zach Kochuyt - rapper on ZZ
Karl Lungmus - Guitar on Eterna City



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Track Name: Zenophobic Zedong
This worlds colder than that girl that gave me the cold shoulder.
don't really care about your roommate back in boulder
I'm just gettin down my smolder fore I'm getting any older
But yo I gotta quit playing I've only changed a few brains but my aims to claim fame by putting kindness behind my name
No need to go super saiyan
My man skinny goku in the crew
Dont need to talk about the dreams we pursue
We put it all out on the pad and only greatness ensues
And all the haters look like johnny cash a boy named sue
It's pretty weird how we all got here
Like 30 theories later but we've still got doubt and fear
And though we denounce xenophobics
Mao Zedong can come to power in a little over an hour
We rise and fall like the tides during spring showers
but I digress
Every verse is a test
To see if I'm better than any one of the rest
Feelin it press under duress nevertheless I be one of the best getting it tighter but never compress I confess that I'm scared of the meaning of death
But we still talk about life
I go through strife but I don't even gotta worry about kids and a wife
And that's the least of your problems tand you cant solve em
So take the pain on your back and just give up rap
No room for dreamers between the seams of this life just attacks
Never let your guard or you'll just slip through the cracks
But since you people don't think about it I bet you still think happy thoughts I don't wanna talk about this anymore